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Prisons and Courts Bill: Cross-examination of witnesses in family law

On February 23 the government introduced the Prisons and Courts Bill which looks to put in place protection for vulnerable witnesses.

This is a long and overdue proposal which could see the end of face to face cross examination of witnesses in the Family Court. The court can put in place special measures under the current system but even video links do not offer enough protection.

The cutbacks in legal aid have led to an increase in the number of people representing themselves at trial. This means that alleged perpetrators of violence were cross-examining their alleged victims.

The National chair of Resolution, Nigel Shepherd has welcomed the proposed changes saying

"We welcome the MoJ's proposals to prevent alleged abusers from being able to cross-examine the person they're alleged to have abused. It is a reform that is long overdue in family cases where the fear of such cross-examination can result in victims of abuse not seeking the protection they need and, if they do go ahead, adds to the trauma they have suffered.

"As ever with legislation, the devil will be in the detail and there is much hard work to be done to ensure these measures can be successfully delivered. Resolution looks forward to playing its part in this."

The proposed changes will mean that the court has the power to appoint a publically funded legal representative to undertake the cross-examination where they feel it is necessary in the interest of justice.

Although further details are awaited there are further calls on the government to review Legal Aid Funding but the bill is definitely a step in the right direction.   

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Legal Services Consumer Panel - A blot on the landscape

Here is Kerry Underwood's blog in relation to The Legal Services Consumer Panel's response to the Competition & Markets Authority's Legal Services Market Study.

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Litigants in Person

Litigants in Person is the name given to people who are dealing with a court case themselves, rather than having a lawyer.

Click here to see Kerry Underwood’s piece on the subject.

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Silver Service Law

Here is Kerry Underwood’s piece on the standards we think law firms should achieve.

This piece has been used by the Law Society in its Risk and Management section newsletter and in its Managing for Success newsletter.

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Court Fees and help with Fees

It is Government policy to make a profit out of court fees. This means that court fees have rocketed.

However, depending on your savings and income and outgoings you may be able to get help with these fees, meaning that you pay a reduced fee or nothing.

Please see here for Kerry Underwood’s article on this subject.

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